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Why It's Worth Investing in a Coffee Maker

Not all things are worth investing in, but a coffee maker is one of them. Single serve brewers are some of the most popular small appliances on the market today since they are easy to operate, produce single cups of coffee in under a minute and work with pre-measured coffee pods. While some brewers are expensive, mostly those that make specialty beverages and have internal milk frothing systems, most are very affordable and rival the price of a higher-end, large-cup coffee machine. If youíre still unsure whether a single cup brewer is the right investment for you, consider these other points.

First, if youíre considering a new coffee maker, youíre probably someone who enjoys a good cup of coffee in the morning. Many people are tired of making a full pot of coffee, only to have half the pot go to waste or taste terrible from sitting on the burner. Not to mention, you cannot choose your flavor, and everyone in the household has to drink the same coffee. Single serve machines skip over these hurdles and instead provide everyone with their own freshly brewed cup of coffee. There's nothing like bitter-tasting coffee to start your morning on the wrong foot.†

If you live alone, you may not face these same issues, but youíll still find that your money is well spent. You wonít be enticed to spend $3 or $4 on a cup of coffee from your local coffeehouse because you can make something just as good at home. If you buy the coffee pods online, you save money and have your coffee delivered to your doorstep, just one more way that you can maximize your purchase. And there is no mess, so you can save yourself the tedious task of cleaning up coffee grinds and washing a carafe.†

Finally, a single serve coffee maker is something that youíll use on a regular basis. Youíll use it in the morning, maybe again in the afternoon and when hosting social occasions. For a product that you use daily, you want it to work well and deliver consistent results. Single serve brewers do just that, and most people agree that having one has made their morning routines more efficient and fun. With some coffee makers brewing up cups of coffee in as little as 45 seconds, you canít beat how proficient these machines are. Plus they look great, are easy to maintain and end up offsetting their cost since you won't be wasting coffee at home or buying coffee from coffee shops as much.†

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