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Using a Bread Maker to Make Bread

Itís no secret that homemade bread is delicious. Store bought bread canít even compare to the scrumptious taste of a hot piece of homemade bread with melted butter. Homemade bread is healthier for you as well. The good thing about homemade bread is that you get to control what you put in it. Store bought bread is full of unwanted preservatives. So what is the best way to actually bake your homemade bread? Is it by hand or using a bread machine? Letís weigh the advantages and find out.

One fact no one can deny is that a bread machine is definitely easier when it comes to baking the bread. To make bread by hand you have to knead the dough for what seems like eternity. The terrible thing is that if you donít knead it correctly the bread will not turn out good. Which basically means you stood there for eternity and kneaded that loaf of bread for no reason.  This can be very frustrating to say the least. Bread machines are so much easier. You simply add all the ingredients into the machine and walk away while it bakes into a delicious masterpiece. 

When making bread by hand it is very easy to overwork the dough or add way too much flour. Doing one of these two things can easily affect the taste of the bread. No one wants to end up throwing homemade bread away because it didnít turn out the way they wanted it to. There is no need to worry about either of these two things with the bread machine. It perfectly combines all the ingredients so you are left with the taste of your grandmotherís homemade bread without the work. If bread machines were around in our grandmotherís day Iím sure she would have given it a try. 

So letís think about this. You can either knead dough until your arms are ready to fall off or throw all the ingredients into bread machine and set a timer. Bread machines seem to be the better option. Not only is a bread machine simpler to use, you have a higher chance of your loaf of bread turning out to be the work of art you hoped for. Some people may think that using a bread machine is cheating, but at the end of the day the important thing is that you get to enjoy that mouthwatering piece of homemade bread with dinner. The advantages of using a bread machine definitely rise higher than the advantages of making your bread by hand.

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