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Types of Coffee for Coffee Makers

The face of the standard drip coffee maker has changed drastically over the last few years. Single serve brewers have become most popular because they’re efficient, affordable and easy to maintain. But there’s more to these single serve masterworks than what meets the eye. These modern-day machines are capable of producing more than just your favorite plain and flavored coffees. They can also make specialty coffee beverages like cappuccinos, lattes and espressos. The possibilities are endless thanks to the smart designs of these resourceful machines that allow you to be your own barista.

Since everyone’s tastes are different, there are various machines designed for various coffee drinkers. Some machines rely solely on coffee pods. These automatic brewers have pre-measured pods of coffee and specialty beverages. However, many agree that these specialty brews are best made with an espresso machine so that you can get the true flavors and the creamy layer of foam on top. If you’re one for efficiency and speed over taste, you’ll enjoy the convenience of automatic brewers. 

Semi-automatic machines deliver the best of both worlds since you can take advantage of the coffee pods and also make your own authentic coffee beverages. When you’re in a rush, you can drop in an espresso pod, but if you have the time, you can grind your own coffee beans and make an espresso. Since espresso is the base for both cappuccinos and lattes, these machines can be used to make all types of espresso drinks. 

Finally, manual machines are those that do not use pods or capsules and instead require that the user does all the grinding, tamping and measuring. This is definitely more work, but allows the espressos to come out just the way you like them. Many people prefer being able to the control the temperature and the grinds, so manual machines are generally known for producing the very best specialty brews. The most challenging part is getting the signature layer of foam that cappuccinos and lattes are known for. This has to do with such parts as the milk frother and tamper, which you will certainly get the hang of with an espresso machine. 

Overall, today’s coffee machines are highly versatile and practical. Although they may be an investment on the front end, they save coffee drinkers plenty of money from not having to shell out several dollars for one cup of coffee. The fact that you can make more than just coffee with these single serve brewers is the most worthwhile advantage over standard drip coffee makers. 

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