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Bread - One of the Oldest  Foods 
Making Bread with a Bread Maker 
Nutritional Benefits of Bread 
What are the Ingredients of Bread
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Making Different Types of Bread

Making bread used to be very time consuming due to the process of getting it ready to bake. With our modern bread makers it is really fun to make bread. You only need to measure your ingredients by following simple directions and the bread maker does the work from start to finish. There is a wide variety of bread makers to choose from and they all work great. 

Experimenting with different flours and additions to bread is going to give you added enjoyment. The bread maker will do all the work and so it means that you can concentrate on being more creative with the types of bread that you make. The choices are endless and you will be able to have more than just wheat, rye and white bread. There is oatmeal, raisin, nut, cranberry, onion, caraway and endless choices to prepare.

The family will not want to eat store bought bread once you prepare this bread from the bread maker. Making more creative bread means that you’ll need to get in some new ingredients. You will need to stock up on some supplies that you will use. Read over some recipes and see what you would like to try. Make out a grocery list so that you do not forget to buy an item in the recipe. 

Baking is a method that has to be followed with the exact ingredients to make the bread rise. You should start with a loaf of white just to get the feel of how the bread maker works and then expand to something more elaborate.
You can also pick up a box of bread mix that is ready to mix in your bread maker. This way you can try it without purchasing a lot of supplies. However, many do always agree that the bread made from scratch ingredients tastes better.

Now that you have figured out how to get your bread maker to work with a simple white bread recipe, you can get creative. Every family has likes and dislikes so they will let you know their favorites. Baking homemade bread is a good way to promote good healthy eating. You can combine healthy ingredients into your own breadline. Once you know the basics of recipes, you can create some of your very own ideas. 

Bread is also a very nice gift when it is homemade from scratch. You can bag and wrap it. Put a large bow on one of them or do a couple different loaves of bread and place them in a basket for serving. You can also adorn the basket with some jams, jelly and apple butter. This is a gift that anyone is going to enjoy. It is not only enjoyable, but a very thoughtful gift to give. 

While a standard loaf of bread may not make an exciting gift to someone, taking the time to make something more creative is definitely a nice sentiment for a birthday or holiday gift. 

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 There is nothing more irresistible than a man or woman who can cook.

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