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Keurig B40 Elite Gourmet 
Single-Cup Home-Brewing System  Review

The Keurig B-40 B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System will change your coffee drinking habits for the better. Simply choose the pod of your choice, drop it into the machine and go. Your coffee will be up in less than one minute and taste fresh each time. Although the Keurig Elite is streamlined, there are plenty of features that will customize your machine such as the two-hour automatic shut-off and two brew sizes. The 48-ounce removable water tank and drip tray make the machine easy to clean and maintain so that you can just sit back and continue brewing up the best tasting coffees, ciders, hot chocolates and teas right from your kitchen.†

Keurig B-40 B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System
Average Price: $119.99
Product Dimensions: 12.8 x 15.1 x 15.2 inches
Power: 1500-watts
Compatible with: Patented K-cups
Features: 48-ounce removable water tank, removable drip tray, 2 brew-size options, 2-hour automatic shut-off, descale indicator
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Whatís So Great About the Keurig B-40 B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System ?

Convenience: Convenience is perhaps the best feature of the Keurig Elite. This coffee brewer is designed for people who want the simplicity of making one cup of coffee without having to do the measuring and pouring. All you have to do is select your pod choice, lift the lid, drop in the pod and close the lid. A freshly brewed cup of coffee will be up in seconds, and you can make a second cup of coffee immediately after. There is an auto shut-off in case you forget to turn off the machine, although you can disable this feature if you like to drink coffee throughout the day. The large water reservoir keeps water handy so that you donít have to measure or fill the tank to make each cup. You canít ask for a more straightforward appliance than a Keurig.

Pod Selection: The Keurig is built around the patented K-cups, and thanks to the popularity of the machine, there is a wider selection available than for other pod systems. From gourmet coffees to hot apple ciders to organic teas, there are pods to fit everyoneís tastes. Since pods are expensive, you can purchase a K-cup filter that allows you to use your own coffee grounds, saving money and the environment. Although some buyers say that the pod strength is mediocre, having the two different brew sizes offer more options in making your cup of coffee more or less strong.†

User-Friendly Options: There are two brew sizes that come with the Keurig Elite: 7 1/4-ounce and 9 ľ-ounce. The smaller setting will make the cup of coffee taste stronger, while the larger size will be less strong. The coffee brewer can also fit coffee mugs and travel mugs with ease so that you donít have to transfer your coffee from one cup to another. Other features that make the Keurig Elite a breeze to use include an automatic shut-off, removable drip tray and removable water tank for easy cleaning.†

Compact Size: Since you only need to brew one fresh cup at a time, the Keurig Elite has a streamlined design that coffee drinkers will appreciate. Thereís no large, plastic housing to worry about or a glass carafe that could break or become stained. The only part that really needs to be cleaned out is the removable water tank, which is small in size and tucked away neatly on the left side. With an uncomplicated look and smart size of the brewer, you can keep this beauty on any kitchen countertop or office desk.†

Whatís Not So Great About the Keurig B-40 B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System?

Noisy: The Keurig Elite is a bit noisy, but this is because the hot water has to heat up and pump through the machine. The Keurig will also vibrate on the countertop while itís running, which is bothersome to some buyers. Even though itís a bit louder than other coffee machines, the noise and vibrations only last while the Keurig is running, which is a few minutes at best. Itís not loud enough to wake up the household either, and if you want to prevent the brewer from jumping around the countertop, add protective feet to the bottom of the machine.†

Heat-Up Time: Once the water is heated up, the coffee takes less than a minute to make. But in order to warm the water in the reservoir, you will need to wait approximately four minutes. Depending on your coffee drinking habits, this is impractical for some people. To wait four minutes for the water to warm, then only be able to make one cup of coffee is not convenient. If youíre the type of person who wants a full pot of coffee in the morning, you'll want to skip a single-cup brewer.†

Longevity: There have many reports of Keurig machines failing early, usually between the first and second year. By this point, the machine is out of warranty and may experience issues such as inconsistent quantities of coffee, foul tasting coffee or in some cases, not turning on. Some believe that single-brewers are a bit more sensitive and therefore experience more problems. Bottom line, if you notice anything weird during the one-year warranty, reach out to the Keurig company.†

Is the Keurig B-40 B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System a Great Purchase?

The Keurig B-40 B40 Elite Gourmet Single-Cup Home-Brewing System is one of the best single serve brewers on the market. Itís durable, attractive and easy to use, offering a whole new world of opportunities for coffee lovers. Being the most popular brand on the market, you can use any K-cup variety with the Keurig, plus buy a K-cup filter to use your own coffee grounds. The coffee brewer also carries a one-year limited warranty that buyers agree is honored by the company.†


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