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Touch of YouLin Japanese Cookbook Review

 The Japanese people have the tendency to be the most rational thinkers even during the worst of crisis. They are also the kind of people who are very strong, hard working and seem to have longer life spans. The secret to this I would say lies in the healthy food and eating habits of the Japanese.  The people of Japan are known as a rule to consume a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits along with being great fish and meat eaters. Well many of us may feel at this point that we too follow the same rules to healthy eating but are not as strong and healthy as the people of the’ land of the rising sun’. The answer to that lies in the truth that the Japanese eat their food in ideal proportions with a generous addition of ginger and other spices. This makes their food not only healthy but also very tasty and sophisticated.

YouLin a top Chinese- Japanese chef has spread the art of Japanese cuisine world over through his master culinary skills. His book ‘A Touch Of You Lin’s Japanese Kitchen’ is an exclusive tribute to Japanese cuisine with over a 108 recipes to choose from. All the recipes are unique in their own way yet very simple and delicious. YouLin has used ingredients, which are easily available off the stores to prepare each lip-smacking recipe.  The book has been woven in a very easy format throwing a clear message across that anybody can cook and cooking Japanese food is no rocket science. The ingredients along with measurements are clearly mentioned along with a clear description of the method to prepare the recipe. So all you need to do is follow the instructions word by word meticulously and you get a real authentic yummy Japanese recipe right in your kitchen.
For those of you who thought cooking Japanese food was not your cup of tea YouLin has redefined things for you.  All you need to do is decide your recipe from the book get the required ingredients ready and you are all set to lay out a spread of traditional Japanese cooking leaving your family craving for more. The best part about YouLin’s book is that you do not even need to go hunting for recipe specific utensils and cookware. YouLin explains each recipe in detail such that it can be prepared using the stuff available in your kitchen. Japanese love to finish their work at a fast pace so the recipes are also designed in a way so that you can whip up a super dish in very little time true Japanese style.

The secret of this book lies in the fact that each individual who reads this book has something to deliver from it irrespective of whether the person is a student, working professional, homemaker or even a chef for that matter. There are recipes for all kinds of people from beginners learning the art of cooking to expert cooks looking at trying their hand at different recipes. YouLin has shared some of his most well kept cooking secrets in this book making your cooking experience even better.

This book looks like your best chance of transforming your otherwise dull and boring kitchen into an exquisite Japanese kitchen and getting  your family scream ‘oishii’ (delicious in Japanese)!!!


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