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Hamilton Beach Classic DrinkMaster 
Drink Mixer  Review

From milkshakes to smoothies to puddings, the Hamilton Beach 730C Classic DrinkMaster Drink Mixer is a versatile small appliance to have in your home. Interestingly, Hamilton Beachís drink mixers first appeared at soda fountains back in 1911, and this design still boasts a retro appearance. The good news is that the inner workings are modern-day and is capable of blending fruit smoothies and power drinks in addition to the popular milkshakes and malts. The professional-style drink mixer has a 28-ounce, stainless steel mixing cup, a tilting head for easy access and two speed settings. When itís time to clean the mixer, simply remove the detachable spindle and wash the steel cup so you can start all over again with a new creation.†

Hamilton Beach 730C Classic DrinkMaster Drink Mixer Specifications:

Average Price: $39.99
Product Dimensions: 14-1/2 x 5-1/4 x 6-3/4 inches
Warranty: 2-year-limited
Motor: 70-watts
Features: Stainless steel cup, tilting head, two speed settings, spindle detaches
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Whatís So Great About the Hamilton Beach 730C Classic DrinkMaster Drink Mixer ?

Versatile: The Hamilton Beach Drink Mixer is small and compact, so you wonít mind sporting this attractive appliance on your countertop. Plus, you can use it several times a day as youíll find that its possibilities are endless. Use the drink mixer to whip up a delicious egg batter for your omelets and make a creamy smoothie in the afternoon. Cleaning the drink mixer is easy, so you wonít mind reusing the appliance throughout the day. Best of all, using this drink mixer eliminates the need for physical labor, saving you time and frustration.

Kid-Friendly: If you have children, you know just how long the summer can be. With the Hamilton Beach Drink Mixer, youíll have a versatile tool on your hands that will make summer days more fun. With no sharp blades like a blender would have, the drink mixer is safe and easy to operate. If youíre making milkshakes for example, just drop in the ice cream, add the milk and youíre ready to go. Older kids will be able to use this drink mixer on their own while younger kids will have fun choosing their flavor and mix-ins. And just think about all the money youíll save from not having to visit the ice cream parlor every few days.†

Fun: In many cases, kitchen appliances are more of a headache than anything, and some appliances arenít even necessary. The Hamilton Beach 730C Classic DrinkMaster Drink Mixer is an excellent buy as it has a low price tag and wonít stretch your familyís budget. Itís very easy to use, and reviewers agree that itís fun too. Thereís nothing to fuss with and cleaning is a breeze. The best part is that you can make individual drinks for every member of the family with ease. If you only need a blender for mixing protein shakes, milkshakes and smoothies, this drink mixer is all youíll need.†

Design: Since youíll be using this drink mixer on a regular basis, itís a nice perk that the design is attractive. The 28-ounce cup is made from stainless steel while the rest of the design has a chrome-plated look to it; although it is made from heavy plastic. Nevertheless, the petite design looks stunning in all kitchens, especially those that have steel appliances. It takes up far less space than a blender and will give your kitchen that dose of nostalgia that adults appreciate.†

Whatís Not So Great About the Hamilton Beach Classic DrinkMaster Drink Mixer?

Plastic Construction: This is one of the biggest criticisms of this drink mixer, and itís one worth talking about. Itís true that the majority of the construction is made from plastic, but this is what keeps the drink mixer at an affordable price. Also, it makes the design lightweight and easy to use. That being said, some reviewers feel that for slightly more, you can purchase a higher-quality, steel-made mixer that is able to handle more ingredients.†

Soft Ingredients Only: When using the Hamilton Drink Mixer, you can only use soft ingredients, such as milk, cream or chocolate syrup. You wonít be able to handle solid ingredients like berries and nuts. The Hamilton Beach Drink Mixer is designed for smoothies, milkshakes and malts specifically, and it clearly indicates this in the manual. If youíre looking for something more powerful, this drink mixer wonít fit the bill.†

Is the Hamilton Beach 730C Classic DrinkMaster Drink Mixer a Great Purchase?†

The Hamilton Beach Classic DrinkMaster Drink Mixer is a great purchase indeed, but itís only going to prove beneficial for some families. Those who are looking to make milkshakes and malts with their kids will find this drink mixer to be invaluable. Itís fun and easy to use, simple to keep clean and provides endless fun in making your own drink creations. Even adults love using this product that rivals the milkshake machines from back in the day. However, people that are looking for a heavy-duty mixer that can handle nuts and berries will need to look elsewhere. You canít beat the price on this drink mixer, and youíll especially appreciate its cutesy design that looks more expensive than it is.†


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