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De-Scale Your coffee Maker

When purchasing your single serve coffee brewer, youíve probably read about de-scaling your machine. Donít skip over this step as itís an important part of maintaining your coffee maker. Scale refers to the mineral deposits that form inside the coffee machine from the water that is poured in. By de-scaling the machine, youíre removing these deposits and allowing the coffee maker to perform at its highest level. If you donít de-scale the machine, the buildup can clog the lines, damage the heating element and lead to poor tasting cups of coffee.†

There are a few factors that will affect how often your single serve brewer needs to be de-scaled. On average, manufacturers recommend that you de-scale your machine every six months if you live in an area with normal water conditions and three months for those that have hard water. Itís not just these three- and six-month intervals that you should keep in mind, but also how much coffee you make. If you have a lot of water going through your machine, youíll need to de-scale your maker much sooner than someone who only drinks coffee on a seldom basis. Also, the type of coffee matters since espressos donít require much steam or water, while cappuccinos are the opposite.†

Since many people tend to forget to de-scale their machines, many of the newer coffee makers are being manufactured with a special de-scale reminder light that lets you know when itís time to start the de-scaling process. These lights are sensitive enough that they detect the buildup in the machine and go off when itís time to be cleaned, not just at specific intervals. If you live in an area that has hard water and are constantly being reminded to de-scale your coffee brewer, donít ignore the reminder. Instead, be proactive and install a water filtration system that will help remove buildup.†

As you can see, de-scaling your machine is an important part of its everyday functioning. When scale deposits increase in the machine, any parts that come into contact with hot water can be damaged. For many people, they start to notice that their machine is slow, and the water flow, boiler capacity and heating element are reduced, resulting in cool, chalky tasting coffee. At the end of the day, your coffee machine may end up not functioning at all thanks to de-scaling problems.†

There are various ways to de-scale coffee brewers, so follow your manufacturerís recommendations. You donít want to void your warranty, which is why itís best to refer to your manual and call the company with questions.†

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