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Breadman TR520 Programmable Bread Maker  Review

Programmable bread makers are the newest must-have in the kitchens of bread lovers everywhere. Even with many of the newer models of bread makers offering exceptional value for the price, the Breadman TR520 Bread Maker still stands out from the crowd. This little counter top appliance has plenty of features without becoming too complicated and overwhelming for new bread making aficionados. Stylish and simple to use, the Breadman TR520 even looks great on the counter top.

Specifications of the Breadman TR520 Programmable Bread Maker
Average Price: $58.99
Size: Measures Measures 13-1/2 by 12-1/5 by 13-1/2 inches 
Programmable: Yes
Preset Menu Options: Yes
Weight: 13 pounds
Delay Start Timer: Yes
Visual Display: Yes
Automatic Fruit/Nut Dispenser: No
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Materials: Smooth White Enamel with Amber Display 
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What's great about the Breadman TR520 Programmable Bread Maker ?

Size:  As one of the smallest of all bread makers on the market today, the Breadman TR520 is perfect for the person with limited kitchen space. Surprisingly, this little machine packs plenty of options into a very small package. At just 13.5 inches wide, the Breadman can remain in place on even the most limited of counter top spaces without becoming an annoyance. Because of its small size, you also have the option of placing the Breadman under the counter when it is not in use. This is a big advantage for small kitchen owners and definitely gives you more flexibility than most other bread machines.

Fruit and Nut Signal Bell: Although the Breadman TR520 does not offer an automatic fruit and nut dispenser, it does have the handy option of a mix-in signal bell. This gives the user the added security of knowing exactly when to add any nuts or fruit to the bread dough before it begins the baking cycle. The fruit and nut signal bell is not offered on all bread makers of this size, making the Breadman a bit more versatile than the rest. 

Viewing Window: The top of the Breadman TR520 includes a clear viewing window. You can actually watch the progress of your bread loaf without opening the bread machine. This little addition is fun for the whole family. The viewing window also allows you to easily monitor the color of your bread crust. Although the Breadman offers several crust color settings, the viewing window makes it simple to get the exact darkness of crust that you desire.

Programmable Loaf Sizes: Keeping in line with some of the more expensive bread makers, the Breadman TR520 offers a fully programmable loaf size option. You can bake 1, 1.5, and 2-pound loaves in the same non-stick loaf pan. For families that really love their bread, the 2-pound loaf is the perfect size. Smaller loaves are great for specialty breads, and for sharing with friends and neighbors. In addition to the loaf size option, the Breadman TR520 also offers 8 preset functions for both bread doughs and pizza doughs. These simple presets are wonderful for the amateur baker, and they make it easy to set the bread machine and spend your time outside of the kitchen. 

Delay Start Timer: With many of us spending more and more time at work these days, the delay start timer on the Breadman TR520 is an excellent option. This timer allows you to delay the start of a baking cycle for up to 13 hours. You can easily set the bread maker so that you will have fresh baked bread when you wake up in the morning or when you return home from the office. The smell of fresh-baked bread is one of the perks of owning a bread maker, and the Breadman allows you to enjoy that perk fully. 

What's not so great about the Breadman TR520 Bread Maker?

Lack of Custom Programming: The Breadman TR520 does not offer the user the option of customizing the bread programs within the machine. If your specialty bread requires more mixing than is offered during the preset programming options, you will have to accomplish some of the kneading by hand. The lack of an automatic fruit and nut dispenser adds to the difficulty in custom bread making. The absence of custom programs can be a disappointment to the master bread maker but should not cause any difficulties for the novice. 

Colored Display: Because of the lack of contrast on the digital display, the Breadman TR520 Bread Maker can be difficult to read. If your kitchen is not brightly lit, the Breadman might cause a bit of eye strain. The bright amber display cover and light coloring of the digits and commands have a contrast that is tough to get used to and might be the one real flaw of the machine. Placing the bread maker into an area of the kitchen that is brightly lit will help you to overcome this difficulty. 

Is the Breadman TR520 a great purchase?
The Breadman TR520 is an excellent purchase for the part-time bread maker in any family. Because of its low price and solid features, this machine is a great "starter" bread machine. It is simple enough for the children to use and might even inspire a life-long love of baking. The Breadman TR520 packs enough features to make it feel like a more expensive machine, and it looks great on the counter top. Although this is probably not the best bread maker for someone who bakes 5 or more loaves a week, it is an excellent choice for those who enjoy making fresh baked bread a few times a month.


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