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Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus 2-Pound Stainless-Steel Convection Breadmaker  Review

The Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus is a bread maker for the bread-lover. This handy little machine offers plenty of features that allow the user to create not only bread but pizza dough and even bagels. With a handy mix-in dispenser and dozens of recipes programmed right into the machine, the Breadman TR2500BC packs plenty of punch for the price. Versatile and simple to use, this counter top bread machines is a welcome addition to the bread making world.

Specifications: Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus 2-Pound Stainless-Steel Convection Breadmaker

Average Price: $99
Size: Measures 9-1/2 by 15-1/4 by 12-1/2 inches
Programmable: Yes
Preset Menu Options: Yes
Weight: 20 pounds
Delay Start Timer: Yes
Visual Display: Yes
Automatic Fruit/Nut Dispenser: Yes
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Materials: Smooth Brushed Stainless Steel
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What's great about the Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus 2-Pound Stainless-Steel Convection Breadmaker ?

Programmable Features: There is a lot to love when it comes to the Breadman TR2500BC. This handy little bread maker offers some amazing features for the price. Over three hundred recipes are housed within the bread maker's memory, making it easy to create almost any type of dough you could imagine. From fresh pizza dough to bagels to artisan breads, the Breadman TR2500BC has all of the abilities of a more expensive bread machine without the high price tag. Beginning with the 16 internal baking functions, the Breadman TR2500BC offers everything from a delicious artisan loaf to the typical sweet bread or wheat loaf.

3 Crust Settings: The included convection fan offers more flexibility than ever before in a bread maker. Simply set the convection option to your favorite crust style and enjoy a freshly baked loaf of bread. More control means that if you want your crust crisp, you can have that crisp crust! The convection process also allows for several rising and cooling cycles rather than the standard single cycle that most bread machines offer. Crust settings also offer you more flexibility when it comes to types of bread. Artisan breads tend to take a long time in the baking cycle, but the convection fan allows you to enjoy the bread at its optional color and taste. 

Automatic Fruit and Nut Dispenser: The patented automatic fruit and nut dispenser make the Breadman TR2500BC one of the easiest to use of all bread makers. This feature allows you to set the machine for even the most complicated of recipes and then walk away from the kitchen. No more waiting around for a chime so that you will know when to add the fruit or nuts to your bread. The dispenser works so that you do not have to constantly monitor the bread production process. 

Delay Timer: The 24-hour start and delay timer feature on the Breadman TR2500BC is another spectacular feature. You can have fresh bread baking when you wake up each morning, or you can set the time to have a loaf ready for your party tomorrow. Once the timer is set, there is no need to monitor the dough's process because the machine will add even ingredients like fruits and nuts at a specified time in the baking cycle. This is one of the few bread makers in this price range with the fruit and nut dispenser. 

Varied Loaf Sizes: Along with the ability to vary the crust darkness, the Breadman TR2500BC also offers you the ability to create several loaf sizes. From a 1-pound loaf to a 2-pound loaf, feeding the family just got a whole lot easier. Settings also include the 1.5-pound loaf. This option is especially handy if you do not have the big family that eats an entire loaf of bread in a day. Add a bread storage unit to your kitchen and you have the perfect combination of bread making appliances.

Options Galore: Even cake batters are easy to create in the Breadman TR2500BC. This bread maker offers amazing flexibility. Working as a mixer and a bread maker, the machine allows you to remove the dough to hand-knead or simply set the machine and walk away from the kitchen. The machine has a top lid that opens easily and offers a view of the mixing process. It also has a wonderful internal light and window so that you can monitor the bread as it rises. This makes the Breadman TR2500BC a fun machine for the family because you can actually watch the bread making process. 

What's not so great about the Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus 2-Pound Stainless-Steel Convection Breadmaker?

Cleaning Process: Although the cleanup process is not horrible, it is more difficult than some of the other bread makers on the market. The baking pan within the Breadman TR2500BC is "hand wash only" meaning that you cannot place the pan in your dishwasher. You can use the dishwasher for the paddle and kneading appliances. Hand washing the baking pan is not the end of the world since the pan offers a non-stick surface. 

Exterior Surface: The exterior surface of the Breadman TR2500BC is stainless steel with a brushed finish. This means that there is no other color option for the bread maker. If you want to add a little color to your kitchen, this appliance is definitely not going to do it for you. On the bright side, the stainless steel exterior is simple to clean with just a damp cloth. The stainless steel finish blends well in a modern kitchen but may look odd in a more country-styled home. 

Is the Breadman TR2500BC Ultimate Plus 2-Pound Stainless-Steel Convection Breadmaker a great purchase?

The Breadman TR2500BC is a great purchase for the person who enjoys fresh bread baked at home. For large families, baking your own bread can be an excellent cost-saving experience. The bread maker does not take up a gigantic space on your counter, so you have room for other appliances. The many features of the Breadman make it easy to use and offer plenty of flexibility. The internal light and display window make the bread maker fun for the family because they allow a peek into the baking process.


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