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Bread - One of the Oldest  Foods 
Making Bread with a Bread Maker 
Making Different Types of Bread  
Nutritional Benefits of Bread 
What are the Ingredients of Bread
What Preservatives are in Bread  
Is Baking Your Own Bread Cheaper 
Busy Families Need a Bread Maker 
Can Store Bought Bread be Harmful



Baking your Own Bread

Making your own loaves of bread and pizza dough with a bread maker has become a popular and tasty way to make homemade bread for the family. There are many benefits of making your own bread, and a bread making machine is very convenient and easy to use.

Bread Machines and How They Work
Bread machines were first introduced in 1986 and they took off especially in the UK and America. A bread machine mixes the ingredients, lets them rise or proof, and then bakes the loaf of bread. Once the process is started there is nothing more for you to do. A bread machine is a great gift for the busy family because they can set it in the morning, go to work, and when they come home, it will be finished. Typically it takes three to four hours from start to finish. 
Recently, bread machines have been produced that only takes an hour to bake the bread, but experts tell us that the flavor is not as good, but if you need bread more quickly, these would be the machines to look for.

Baking your Own Bread
Homemade bread is made with the most basic of ingredients: oil, water, salt, flour and instant yeast. The wet ingredients are put in first and then the dry, and because you are using an instant form of yeast, as soon as the water and the yeast connect, the yeast begins to work on the mixture. The loaves of bread that come out of the bread machines weighs approximately one and a half pounds, which is slightly smaller than loaves of bread from the store.

Benefits of Bread Machines
One of the best benefits of making your own bread is that you know exactly what ingredients are going into the bread. Store-bought bread has a longer shelf life because it has preservatives in it. Your bread from your bread machine won’t, so it will naturally have a fresher taste.   Read our Bread Machine Reviews Here

You are also able to monitor the quality of the oil and flour, and you can make whole wheat bread, both of which are healthier alternatives to mass produced bread. If you are one who has allergies, you will be able to monitor exactly what you want in your bread dough, and be able to cut out anything you are allergic to. 

Also, if you like different seeds or raisins, you can add those into the dough. Since the loaves are smaller, you can set up your machine every other day, and you will always have fresh bread for sandwiches, French toast, or with peanut butter and jam.

 There is nothing more irresistible than a man or woman who can cook.

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